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Are you seeking genuine, high-quality crystals that can help your personal growth and spiritual journey but also add a touch of beauty to your home? At Elysian Crystals, we're dedicated to providing consciously sourced crystals that align with your ethical standards. Each crystal in our collection is intuitively chosen for its unique energy and sourced with care, ensuring a meaningful connection with every purchase. Find the perfect crystal to support your goals and intentions. Click on the collections below and start shopping!

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  • free incense stick with your elysian crystals order

    Free Incense Stick

    Your order will include a free incense stick so that you can cleanse your crystal in its fragrant smoke.

  • Balance & Harmony in Your Home

    Placing crystals in any room creates a calmer, more positive, energy-filled environment beneficial for everyone. Crystals are known to help reduce stress and anxiety, and promote relaxation. Crystals are wonderful tools to lift your spirits and release negativity.

  • elysian crystals woman holding an amethyst cluster

    Relaxation, Meditation, Inspiration

    Crystal energy is soothing and gentle, allowing your mind to relax and your body to heal. Use crystals for a deeper meditation state or to give you inspiration and spark your creativity. Many of our customers find crystals to be a valuable tool for personal growth and well-being.

Happy Customers, Happy Us!

Our crystals are intuitively chosen, consciously sourced, come from trusted suppliers and we pride ourselves on our crystals being budget friendly. Orders dispatched within 24 hours.