My Story

Hi there, my lovely souls! Welcome to Elysian Crystals, where magic meets mindfulness. I'm Fiona, the dreamer and creator behind this little slice of crystal paradise.

My journey with crystals began from a personal quest for healing and spiritual connection. As someone deeply immersed in Crystal Therapy, Reiki, and Spiritual Healing, I understand the transformative power crystals can hold. However, like many of you, I struggled to find quality crystals that resonated with my energy, my spirit and my intentions. Once I found what I was looking for I couldn't stop there; I decided to create a space where I would offer people like yourselves the same opportunity to get hold of some fabulous crystals. 

What began as a humble Etsy shop soon blossomed into this website Elysian Crystals – a place where the crystals are handpicked with love and intention. Every crystal in our collection undergoes a little TLC before it reaches you, each one is cleansed in crystal-charged water ( only those that can go in water that is ) and then left in the gentle glow of moonlight or sunlight to recharge its energy.

Your presence here means the world to me. Whether you're a seasoned crystal collector or just dipping your toes into the mystical waters, I'm here to be your guide and helper. So go ahead, explore our website, and I hope you find crystals to add to your collection that fill your life with healing, positive energy and joy.

Got questions? Need advice? Then please contact me as I am always happy to help.

Crystal Blessings,