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Scolecite Crystal, Tumble Stone

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Scolecite Tumble Stones. Scolecite is a high vibrational stone with a soft and gentle energy. You choose the weight you want.

How can Scolecite help you :-

  • Use or have with you to gain a sense of inner peace and create deep relaxation.
  • Use during healing sessions to create a relaxed state and encourage a more successful healing session.
  • It works on Your heart Chakra enabling you to be more spontaneous in expressing your feelings of love.
  • It is said that if this stone is exchanged between lovers, then a permanent connection will exist between their hearts forever.
  • Use within a team setting to create a sense of team spirit and to connect better and encourage networking with people.
  • Use to help you take control of your life and to live life as you want to.
  • Great to have with you during meditation, as it gentle soft energy will bring about deep state of peace and relaxation.
  • Enhances your dream state, helping you have more lucid dreams and to recall them more easily.
  • It also helps you to receive and understand subtle messages from your inner self and from higher sources, and can facilitate communication with other worlds.
  • Wear Scolecite to maintain a healthy auric field, heal any holes or splits within it to protect against attack from negative energy or entities.
  • Scolecite is a really calming crystal, encourages love of oneself without being selfish and create an air of inner contentment.
  • This crystal is said to bring the body back into equilibrium.