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Elysian Crystals UK

Blue Kyanite Crystal Cluster, Natural

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Natural Blue Kyanite. Wonderful formation of natural shiny Blue Kyanite blades formed in layers, this beautiful specimen piece also has some Quartz.

length - 15.5 cm, width - 6.5 cm at widest point, height - 4.5 cm at tallest point, weighs - 623 gm

Benefits of Blue Kyanite:

  • Use kyanite to help you move forward and by being less hesitant or indecisive.
  • Use for meditation and to bring harmony into your being.
  • Let its high frequency energy open your intuition and bring out your psychic abilities.
  • Use to connect with your Spirit guides.
  • Use to align your chakras, clearing any blocked pathways or meridians.
  • Great for the throat chakra to help you express yourself and communicate better especially with those you do not see eye to eye with.
  • Physically it is said to be good for muscular disorders, fever, adrenal gland, thyroid and brain. Can be also be used as a natural pain reliever, help lower blood pressure and heal infections.