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Fuchsite Crystal, natural

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Fuchsite, natural pieces from Brazil. Nice and sparkly green Fuchsite, great size for gridding, placing on or around the body, placing on a bedside table, dressing table, carry with you and so on. Also known as Green Muscovite.

piece 17 pictures 1-2, 26 gm, length - 4.7 cm, width - 4 cm, depth - 1.5 cm

piece 18 pictures 3-4, 20 gm, length - 4.5 cm, width - 3.2 cm, depth - 1 cm

piece 19 pictures 5-6, 20 gm, length - 4.5 cm, width - 3.6 cm, depth - 0.90 cm

piece 20 pictures 7-8, 37 gm, length - 5 cm, width - 3.9 cm, depth - 1.5 cm

Benefits of Fuchsite :

  • Helps you to examine issues and problems that are surrounding your interaction with other people.
  • It helps you to think more about shared interests, your own physical well being, your job and productivity.
  • It is a mineral that can help you to "bounce back" after particularly tense or stressful physical or emotional situations.
  • By meditating on Fuchsite it is possible to access information concerning your own physical health, your daily routine, your job or career, your work colleagues and your own levels of stress. Pets also sometimes feature in meditations with Fuchsite.
  • Access to information on both herbal and holistic remedies is often granted.
  • It can help to enhance and amplify the power of other crystals and is a great stone to have present during healing sessions.
  • Physically it can help to balance the red/white blood-cell count, has been used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome and can help to align the spine and increase the flexibility of the muscles.