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Copal Amber, Colombian

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Colombian Copal Amber. This Amber is from Colombia and it is not normally as Geologically old as 'Baltic' Amber so that is why it is given the name Copal Amber. These are great 'sun' filled pieces. As you are aware Amber is not a crystal but a Tree Resin that has solidified and fossilized. Its is therefore very light in weight.

weight - 4 gm, length - 3.5 cm, width - 3 cm at widest, Depth - 0.50 cm at thickest

Benefits of Amber:

  • Healing and Cleansing Power: Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser, drawing dis-ease out of the body and cleansing your chakras. It encourages the body to heal itself, promoting overall well-being.
  • Environmental Cleansing: Use Amber to cleanse your surroundings, absorbing negative energy and transforming it into a more positive form.
  • Positive Energy Transformation: Amber absorbs negative energy and converts it into a more positive form, creating a harmonious environment.
  • Drive and Motivation: Tap into Amber's energy to gain the drive and motivation needed to achieve your goals and aspirations in life.
  • Sunny Energy for Mental Well-being: The sunny and bright energy of Amber can be used to treat depression and counteract suicidal behaviour, providing uplifting support for mental well-being.
  • Mental Health Support: If you are facing mental health issues, Amber can be a valuable companion in your journey towards healing and balance.
  • Self-Expression and Patience: Keep Amber with you for enhanced self-expression, patience, better decision-making, and improved memory.
  • Physical Cleansing and Vitality: Physically, Amber is a potent cleanser and healer that permeates the body with extra vitality. It absorbs pain and negative energy, allowing your body to rebalance and initiate the healing process.
  • Stress Relief: Use Amber to alleviate stress, providing a calming influence on your mind and body.
  • Throat Chakra Resonance: Amber resonates with the throat chakra, making it beneficial for addressing problems related to the throat.
  • Joint and Antibiotic Support: Amber can help with joint problems and serves as a natural antibiotic, offering holistic support for your well-being.