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Elysian Crystals UK

Cinnabar Crystal Tumble Stone

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Cinnabar Tumble Stones from Spain. Also known as Dragon's Blood. Choose the weight you want. If you want more sizing details just contact me.

How can Cinnabar help you :-

  • Attract abundance into your life. Known as a stone of prosperity, attracting wealth and success.
  • It makes you more convincing and confident in selling.
  • Have it in your office where you need to be more organised.
  • Use to help you feel more grounded, can be used to anchor energy and provide protection against negative influences.
  • Cinnabar is said to boost your personal power, increase your energy levels, and enhance your physical and mental endurance.
  • Have it with you during your spiritual growth, as it can help promote enlightenment and help you to connect with higher states of consciousness.
  • Physically it is said can be used for issues related to the nervous system and blood disorders, though it is important to note that mercury content makes it toxic and should be handled with care, although polished and tumble stones are easier to use in healing than natural pieces.