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Cathedral Quartz Crystal, Light Library

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Cathedral Quartz from Minas Gerais, Brazil. This particular one is frosty clear off white and there is a rainbow at the tip of the point that has formed along the the larger point, great shape to hold in your hand.

weight - 336 gm, length - 14.5 cm, width - 4.5 cm at widest, depth - 3.1 cm at its thickest point

Benefits of Cathedral Quartz:

  • Intricate Structure: Cathedral Quartz resembles folded crystal formations, but it's actually a single crystal with multiple terminations, raised faces, and a central point, resembling a cathedral or castle.
  • Wisdom of the Ages: Also known as the Light Library, Cathedral Quartz is believed to contain ancient wisdom. Through meditation, one can access this crystal to attune to it and access the Akashic Records, exploring the records of existence for all beings.
  • Enhanced Psychic Abilities: Meditating with Cathedral Quartz can aid in the development of clairvoyant and psychic abilities. It facilitates connections to the angelic realms, subtle energy fields, and astral traveling, allowing users to explore these realms.
  • Vibration Amplification: Cathedral Quartz has the ability to increase one's vibration, promoting spiritual growth and enlightenment.
  • Crystal Connectivity: This crystal serves as a conduit for connecting to the energy frequencies of other crystals. It allows users to download information from other crystals and share knowledge, facilitating spiritual guidance and growth.
  • Group Harmony: Cathedral Quartz promotes harmony within groups of people, making it beneficial for group meditation or spiritual practices. It fosters unity and cooperation among individuals.

You will receive the crystal as shown in the photos. Please double check measurements and make sure to view all photos and video (if provided).