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Calcite Crystal Standing Point

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Multi Coloured Banded Calcite Standing Point. Mexico. This comprises of Orange, Red, white calcite in banded patterns throughout. Has a six sided Generator Point.

height - 11.5 cm, length - 3.5 cm, width - 3.4cm at widest, weight 218 gm

Benefits of Calcite in general

  • Trust your own judgement
  • Feel able to overcome difficulties and setbacks; encourages hope
  • Be more energetic, fight laziness
  • Amplifies energy
  • Put your ideas into action and makes you more successful
  • enhance our memory
  • Speed up your spiritual development
  • Become more aware of your psychic abilities and know you can channel information
  • Use it for any issues with skin and the intestines
  • Ensures the proper functioning of the kidneys, pancreas and spleen

You will receive the crystal as shown in the photos. Please double check measurements and make sure to view all photos and video (if provided).