How to Choose a Crystal whether its online or in a shop

Guide to Choosing Crystals: Online vs. In-Store

There are so many crystals to choose from, where do you start ? In a shop or at a specialist event you can see the quantity of crystals available and you can go around looking at all of them (yes all of them) to your hearts content and make your choice. Now in this day and age the more modern way of shopping is on the Internet - here there is an infinite choice of crystals so how on earth do you choose then? It gives me a headache just thinking about.

I know when I first started ** years ago I stood in a shop full of crystals and thought wow !! It was a daunting feeling, I was anxious about choosing the right ones, I did not want to pick any up at first in case I damaged them, so I looked at them trying to pretend I knew what I was doing and sheepishly stretched out the palm of my hand and had it hover over a crystal to see if I could 'feel' anything. However, nothing could hide the biggest smile I had on my face and I felt at home just being in their company.

Skip forward a year or two and I find myself walking into a large warehouse full of crystals for my first professional buying trip, my jaw hit the floor and I started shaking … both with utter excitement and pure dread …. and I immediately abandoned the 'shopping list' I had made out ..... instead I was like a child in a candy shop I wanted everything I saw, and if I could have skipped around the displays singing la la la I would have done but I was an adult and I was desperately trying to act like one.

When choosing a crystal you are really looking for one which resonates in some way with your inner self …... it will just 'feel' right, you get all excited and there is rush of energy, and boom you have connected, well that's how it is for me; unless I include the times the crystals talk to me but that's a whole different story and one that makes me sound crazy, so lets move on.

There are many ways you can use to help decide which crystal is for you or for someone else, but when doing so it is always best to listen to what's inside you, your intuition will guide you and all you have to do is listen to it; or in other words go with your gut feeling.

Yes, there are plenty of crystal books published which give you a guide to the most common healing properties of crystals and how to use them, and there are plenty of people out there who will also do the same (whether you want them to or not). But if you notice each will have something different to say about each crystal type. If you feel comfortable referring to a book or following someone else's guidance initially, then do so, but in the end you are the best person to decide what is best for you. So have a go at trying these methods and see how you get on, some can be applied to physically shopping for a crystal but some can be adapted to shopping online :

Number 1 -  Which crystal 'calls' you. Crystals will try and grab your attention. Pick me !! Pick me !! (as they twinkle, sparkle, give you a flash of color) Which one has caught your eye and you can't walk away from it or stop going back to the website you found it on? You just look at it on your screen, you enlarge the photo, watch the video (if there is one)  and you say to yourself oooh that is sooooo pretty. You get the feeling that you simply just have to have it. When you pick it up does it seem to 'stick' to your fingers ? 

These crystals are for you and they are letting you know it. Walk away if you wish, click away from the page, but you will go back for it, guaranteed.

Number 2 -  First Impression. If you are not sure that it is your own intuition that is helping you or you are not confident you have the ability to listen to your inner guidance then try this. Stand in front of a group of crystals, shut your eyes, relax, then open your eyes quickly and pick up the first crystal that your eye is drawn to. This will almost certainly be the crystal that is needed at that moment. This exercise is designed to show you that in that instant, before your thinking mind can react, you intuition has already flashed to the right choice, this is because your intuition reacts instantaneously.

How can you do this online - create a Pinterest board (or something similar) with the crystals you like, close your eyes, relax, take a breath, then open your eyes quickly and be aware of the crystal you are most drawn to in that instant. And voilà, that could be the crystal for you. 

Number 3. Scanning - can only be done when you have the actual crystal in front of you. If you try doing the same over a computer, tablet or mobile screen with a picture of the crystal all you are going to feel is the Electromagnetic Radiation being emitted from the device, which can be 'harmful', and for which you will need a crystal to cleanse your body and block said possible 'harmful' emissions.

So back to scanning, place your hand over the crystals, do you feel energy in the palm of your hand as it passes over a particular crystal ….. perhaps you feel a tingling sensation, heat, coolness, pulsing, or a sensation circulating around your body. If you have some sort of reaction then you are connecting to the energy of the crystal and thus this is the one for you.

Number 4 -  Use a dowser/pendulum. Hold your pendulum over the crystal and ask if it is for you. You would have already established your yes and no answers so go with what it tells you. This can also be applied when searching online. Have a picture of the crystal on the screen in front of you. Establish your Yes and No, then holding your pendulum ask if this crystal is for you or whoever you are looking to buy for.

Number 5 - Tune in to a crystal - Hold the crystal in your hand. Crystals can communicate with us. You will 'know' if their energy feels good for you or not. When you hold the crystal in the palm of your hand look at it, feel its texture, feel its weight, look at its colour, look at its shape. Deep inside, we have some sort of body feeling or sensation which comes from the heart or the solar plexus. Now quieten and calm your mind, and see if you can sense the crystal communicating with you. How do you feel ? Do you feel good, do you feel calm, do you feel re-assured, do you feel comforted ? Does it feel right ?? If you do then you have found your crystal. If you don't, then look at the properties of the crystal, and ask yourself is it reflecting something that you are not yet ready for, perhaps you are even avoiding. If this is the case then perhaps you will return to this crystal type another time when you are ready.

If you are looking for a crystal to serve a particular purpose, I.e you want it for healing, for meditation, to open your psychic abilities, have this clearly in your mind as you search. Let your intuition guide you. If you feel drawn to choose a crystal for someone else … a friend or relative ….. then a good way of selecting a crystal is to picture them in your mind, project that person to the crystals and see which one responds. On the odd occasion you may be drawn to a crystal without knowing why. It could be that the crystal is for you but for some time in the future, but that this is the only chance you will both get to 'meet' . Perhaps it is for someone that you have not even met yet. Again tune into your intuition and make your decision to get it or not. An exercise you might want to try is this : If you want to experiment with your intuitive, psychic ability then use your LEFT HAND when choosing a crystal. The left hand side is known to lead to divine power, directly through the heart. Then try using your RIGHT HAND to choose a crystal if you want more mundane information relating to your life on a day to day basis.