Crystal Spheres, crystal balls and How To Use Them

Ultimate Guide: Crystal Spheres and Their Uses

I have just received a fabulous batch of mini crystal balls, so I thought I would share some information about them. Many people already know that crystal balls or crystal spheres are tools used by Seers or psychics as a window to look into the past, present, and future (a process known as crystal gazing or Scrying) and although that is one way of using a crystal ball, they do have other uses. Because of their circular shape, a crystal ball will release energy in all directions equally into the environment it is placed in.

So when you next have your friends over or if you hold regular group meetings, why not try placing a crystal ball or a number of balls in the middle of the room or on a table where the group will come together. The crystal ball will balance out the energy of the room, it will create a space where there is harmony and cooperation within the group, and Everyone will benefit from the energy that the crystal ball emits. You may also find that some people won't be able to resist placing a sphere in the palm of their hands.

If you are a healer, then why not try asking your client to hold a small crystal ball in each hand during their treatment. Rose Quartz spheres are great if you are dealing with someone who needs to release emotions, who needs to open their heart chakra, and who needs to feel more balanced; quartz is a great all-round healer and will amplify the healing energy and bring the body into balance, smoky quartz can help someone feel grounded and protected during their healing session as well as reduce their stress levels and any fear they have of what the healing session may bring up, golden healer balls are fabulous multi-purpose healers for any type of condition and can restore the body's energy system back into its best condition and just make the healing session more powerful. You can even hold a crystal sphere over your client's chakras to clear energy blockages and activate the energy center.

Even if you are not having a healing treatment, you can try the same thing. You can also hold a crystal ball in your hand to help you get rid of stress or anxiety and know that you are bringing in the healing vibrations of the crystal into your aura. You can even try rolling it over areas of your body that you feel could use some positive energy and be brought back into balance.

You can also use crystal balls while you meditate, just hold one in the palm of your hands, feel its energy, and let it help you relax. For larger spheres, you can have them on a stand in front of you as you meditate and use it as your focal point.

Crystal balls do not need to be crystal clear; I personally love crystal spheres that have something inside them such as wispy inclusions or rainbows as it allows me to travel through the crystal and go deeper. For example, a crystal ball which has a rainbow within it is not only beautiful but also the rainbow represents joy and happiness. If you didn't already know, Rainbows are caused by thin fractures within the crystal.

So go ahead, give one a try, and see how you get on.