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Shiva Lingam, Mini

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Mini Shiva Lingam, polished, from Narmada River, India. With nice banding or stripes around them. On average 3 cm to 3.5 cm long. These river rocks are polished to better define their oval shape. Great size to have with you.

Benefits of Shiva Lingham :

  • Get insight into what you have outgrown so you can let go of it.
  • Helps cope with childhood emotional pain especially if you felt unloved by you mother, or had a mother who lacked any nurturing or comforting support.
  • Helps with sexual healing, especially powerful for men, helps you feel closer to your partner.
  • End any feelings of sexual desire from previous relationships so that you are re-energised and open for a new relationship.
  • Raise your Kundalini energy; helps you on your path of spiritual growth.
  • Feel a sense of inner harmony by recognising that opposites such as masculine and feminine, good and bad, body and soul are in fact joined to create a wholeness.
  • Use to create a ritual to get back femininity and female power.
  • Physically said to help with infertility and with impotence and menstrual cramps.