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Quartz Standing Point with Rainbow

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Quartz Standing Point from Brazil. This is a wonderfully clear quartz point with light reflecting inclusions which create rainbows within it, there are also wispy cloud like inclusions also towards the top of the crystal.

Height - 4.5 cm, Length - 3.4 cm, Width - 2.6 cm widest point, weight approx : 59 gm

Benefits of Quartz:

  • Balances Energy and Clears Negativity: Quartz acts as a powerful balancer, eliminating areas of imbalance and negativity. By doing so, it helps you achieve a harmonious state, allowing positive energy to flow.
  • Enhances Mental Clarity and Calmness: Experience a clearer mind and a calmer disposition with quartz. It supports improved concentration, problem-solving abilities, and a heightened capacity to understand things better.
  • Amplifies Aura and Strengthens Energy Field: Quartz serves as an energy amplifier, enhancing and strengthening your aura—the energy field around your body. Feel an elevated sense of vitality and presence.
  • Chakra Alignment and Harmony: Harmonize your chakras with quartz, promoting balance and alignment. As you grow spiritually, quartz helps you stay true to yourself, fostering a deep connection with your inner self.
  • Soul Cleansing and Spiritual Elevation: Use quartz to cleanse your soul deeply and elevate your energy to its highest spiritual level. It supports spiritual growth and keeps you attuned to your true self.
  • Facilitates Communication with Spirit Realms: Enhance your ability to connect with the spiritual realm.
  • Versatile Master Healer: As a master healer, quartz can be used for any condition. It harmonizes your body, restoring balance to the outer layers of your energy field and aura.
  • Amplifies Other Crystals: Place quartz alongside other crystals to amplify their effects. Benefit from heightened energy and enhanced metaphysical properties when combining quartz with other crystals.