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Elysian Crystals UK

Pyrite Crystal Cluster, Natural

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Pyrite Crystal Cluster, natural, from Peru, also known as Fools Gold or Iron Pyrite. A grade. Really sparkly well formed cubic formations on this cute piece.

weight - 53 gm, length - 5 cm, width - 3.5 cm, height - 1.8 cm

How can Pyrite benefit you:

  • Helps give you mental clarity and focus.
  • Free yourself from anxiety and frustration; get rid of feelings of stagnation and inadequacy.
  • Generates the flow of ideas, boosts Your self confidence and helps you to be more energetic and creative and is especially good for those studying art, mathematics, science, sculpture etc, or anything else requiring original thinking.
  • Helps you to remember the warmth of the sun and to recall beautiful memories of love and friendship.
  • Helps you to more clearly see exactly what lies behind other peoples words and actions.
  • It is an excellent protective stone and defends you from all sorts, and all types, of negative energy.
  • It blocks energy leaks from the aura and protects it.
  • Physically it may be beneficial for treating disorders of the lungs, asthma and bronchitis. It is said to calm the digestive system, to lessen fevers and to reduce inflammation. Pyrite helps you overcome fatigue and it can restore disturbed sleep patterns where this is due to something you have eaten.