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Elysian Crystals UK

Purpurite Crystals

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Purpurite. Lovely purple pieces of Purpurite.

Piece 1 - 33 gm
Piece 6 - 35 gm

These pieces are too big to be sent in a large letter package.

Benefits of Purpurite :

  • Use if you are a public speaker as this crystal will give you clarity, focus and confidence in what you are thinking and how you want to communicate those thoughts.
  • Break old habits that no longer serve you.
  • Leave behind bad memories and become open to love again.
  • Be more receptive to guidance and new ideas.
  • At work use it to better your leadership skills, if you are self employed then have Purpurite around to help your instincts when knowing what is resourcefully realistic and what could overstretch your resources. Tune into you entrepreneurship.
  • Use to energize your body and your mind, overcome tiredness.
  • Use to disperse negative energy from the environment, lifts curses and ill wishing.
  • Attracts success, even if you have been unlucky in the past .
  • Physically can help overcome exhaustion, increase your stamina, and rejuvenate your body. Also helps with bruises, bleeding, pussy pimples, blood purification.
  • Enhances the healing abilities of healers (new or experienced), especially those involved with crystals.
  • Great for Psychic Protection. Particularly helpful to open your gifts of Clairvoyance and Mediumship.
  • Opens the higher crown chakras and links them to the base chakra to encourage Spiritual Enlightenment.