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Pink Thulite, natural

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Pink Thulite, natural piece, from Norway. Nice sparkly lustre. Also known as Rosaline, and is the Pink Manganese variety of the mineral Zoisite.

Length - 7 cm, width - 5 cm at widest, depth - 1 cm at thickest, weight 62 gm

How can Thulite benefit you :

  • Use to kick start healing and regeneration within the body, mind and emotions.
  • Use Thulite if you want to be more extrovert or want to be more entertaining.
  • Have it if you need to solve problems; or encourage your curiosity.
  • Thulite is good to use if you express your passion and sexual feelings - learnt that your feelings of lust, sensuality and sexuality are normal and learn how to express those feelings in a positive way.
  • Physically it is said Thulite can treat calcium deficiency, stomach upsets, nervous exhaustion; also said to enhance fertility and treat diseases of the reproductive organs.