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Faden Quartz Crystal, Pink

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Natural Faden Quartz with a slight pink hue. La Belleza Mine, Santander, Columbia. Faden Quartz is a quartz crystal which has fractured during its growth and healed again and this has created a visible fuzzy line within the crystal. This is a high quality very shiny lustre crystal, fabulous energy vibration to it.

weight - 39 gm, length - 5.5 cm, width - 4 cm, depth - 1.2 cm

Benefits of Faden Quartz :

  • Link to your higher self, get an overview of your soul lessons and root causes of any dis-ease
  • Gives you the strength to carry on when you are experiencing internal trauma
  • Use to help heal trust that has been broken within a relationship, and how to be intimate with another person
  • Faden Quartz encourages you to love yourself
  • Use on your Solar Plexus to calm your emotional self
  • Use if you and your family are experiencing conflict or break ups to bring harmony to everyone's energies so that you can all begin to work together to bring you all closer again enough to communicate and heal
  • Faden Quartz can be used by a therapist to connect with their patient
  • Use it to encourage personal growth and self healing
  • Create better energy flow within the chakra system and bring them all into harmony
  • Use Faden to grid an environment which is feeling unstable and bring into back into balance and harmony
  • Physically it is believed to help heal breaks and fractures, cysts and back pain
  • Place on the Soma chakra to bring the soul back into the body and activate the upper part of the energy conduit within the core of our bodies which runs from the Earth Chakra up into the Galactic Centre, allowing high vibrational energy to pass through.