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Owyhee Opal Tumble stone, Blue Opal

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Owyhee Opal also known as Blue Opal and Oregon Opal. These fabulous Owyhee Opal crystals are found along the Owyhee River, located in the state of Oregon, USA. The colour is predominantly shades of Blue, any white found in the stones has been caused by the matrix in which the Opal forms in.

Benefits of Owyhee Opal:

  • Have Owyhee Opal to help you deal with your shyness or anxiety, by helping you to be more confident and more decisive.
  • Helps you reach your goals by activating your own personal power.
  • Use at throat chakra to better your communication finding exactly the right words to say and be of benefit for over strained vocal cords - so great if you are a public speaker or singer.
  • A high vibrational stone which will connect you to the highest angelic guidance and to your own spirit guides.
  • Strengthens your intuition.
  • Can be used for Shamanic Journeying and exploration of other dimensions to shield and protect you. 
  • Use to connect your Throat chakra to your Third eye chakra which will then enable 2 way communication with Spiritual beings.
  • Physically it can help you with throat ailments (bacterial or viral), Parkinson's Disease.