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Optical Calcite Crystal with rainbows

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Optical Calcite Crystal with Rainbows, also known as Iceland Spar which have unique optical properties. Rhomboid shape. Also known as Fairy Glass in Icelandic Legends. The sides of this piece are nicely polished.

weight - 58 gm, length - 5 cm, width - 3.5 cm, depth - 1 - 1.2 cm

Optical calcite is a clear crystal that can split light into two beams. This special property makes it useful for optical experiments, polarizing devices, and educational demonstrations. Vikings even used it to navigate by finding the sun on cloudy days. With its unique shape and clear look, optical calcite is both interesting and practical, used in science and industry.

Benefits of Optical Calcite :

  • Used as a whole body healer, clearing energy blockages and toxins in the body. Encourages self healing.
  • Can be used to ease Bipolar Conditions, migraines.
  • Helps let go of past hurts, especially those involving deception, financial loss, or a partner's betrayal.
  • Allows you to work from home while balancing business and family time.
  • Great to have around if you need to multi task.
  • For young children or teenagers who spend too much time in fantasy or gaming.
  • Protects against lies, hidden meanings, and deception in both speech and writing.
  • For spellcasters use Optical Calcite to double the intensity of spells, will also intensify healing, empowerments, and the effectiveness of crystals and natural remedies.
  • Can bring good fortune and opportunities.
  • Helps you to connect with a soul twin or bring 2 lovers together.