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Kammererite, Rare Crystal

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Tumbled, polished Kammererite. The Kammererite itself is a purple-magenta colour, and any green areas you see are normally the inclusion of Chromate, Chlorite or Serpentine.

Kammererite (pronounced Kam ~ mer ~ air ~ ite) is a rare crystal from Turkey.

weight 15 gm, length - 3.5 cm, width- 2.5 cm at widest, depth - 0.90 cm at thickest

Benefits of Kammererite :

  • Use for spiritual development and spiritual growth.
  • Encourages increased activity at the third eye, crown and etheric chakras.
  • Use during divination as this will help you feel on all levels, all at the same time.
  • See things from a higher, spiritual perspective allowing you to become more flexible and accepting ~ particularly if you have strong views or beliefs that were set during your childhood and you are finding them difficult to shift as an adult.
  • Helps you to release anger, guilt, fear and negative emotions.
  • Clear your mind of unwanted clutter and help you to see things in a more reasonable way.
  • Access your own inner consciousness in order to examine and determine the "truths" that guide your own life.
  • Said to help with problems of the male reproductive system. It is also believed to help with bacterial infections and with pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints.
  • If you are looking to undertake any type of detox programme then have Kammererite with you.