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Danburite Crystal, High Grade

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Danburite Crystal, natural with polished tip, high grade, super shiny lustre, fabulous clarity. Pale Pink Hue and light reflecting inclusions. From Choix, Sinaloa, Mexico. If you do not have it in your collection you should seriously consider it as the energy of Danburite is very fine, very gentle and very spiritual. 

Weight - 18 gm, length - 4 cm, width - 2.3 cm, depth - 0.80 cm at thickest

How Danburite can help you :

  • Great to work with when you need to dig deep inside yourself to make changes, even deep karmic changes, that will enable you to leave the past behind you.
  • Use it to help you release grief, fear, anxiety, anger and resentment.
  • Free your mind of unwanted mental chatter and help to ease stress and worry, in fact, Danburite can help to promote ease in any situation, foster patience and bring you peace of mind.
  • Helps people to get along with each other and personally, helps you to "let our light shine".
  • It promotes lucid dreaming and if you have trouble getting to sleep, a piece placed under your pillow will help enormously.
  • It brings a calmer, more optimistic outlook, to those who are ill.
  • It activates your higher consciousness and links you to the Angelic Realms.
  • It can facilitate inter-dimensional travel and enable you to communicate with not only the Angels, but also with other spirit beings to.
  • It can help you if you are unsure if you should let yourself go and immerse yourself in the world of spirit, and if you are apprehensive about contacting the Divine.
  •  It can open a channel for you to experience the joy of communion with the Divine and to communicate with your highest guides.
  • This crystal will ensure that you remember what you saw and what you heard.
  • It can aid both your muscular and motor function. It has been used to treat liver and gall bladder problems.
  • An excellent stone for treating allergies.