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Elysian Crystals UK

Blue Topaz with Hematite, Tumble Stone

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Blue Topaz Tumble Stones, A grade Blue Topaz, most are clear, a few are a little milky, all with small specks of Hematite inclusions, sparkly and some have rainbows. From South Africa. If you want to order more than a couple of these stones then let me know so I can get you the right price for delivery.

How can Blue Topaz help you :-

  • Topaz energy will go where it is needed.
  • use it to soothe, heal, stimulate, recharge and re-motivate; release tension.
  • Use to align the body's meridians.
  • Use to cut through doubt and uncertainty.
  • Use Topaz vibrant energy to bring joy, abundance, generosity and good health.
  • The stone of love and good fortune - be successful in attaining your goals.
  • Use for affirmations, manifestation and visualisation.
  • Use to cleanse your Aura.
  • Use to feel more confident and spread sunshine everywhere.
  • Use when you need to solve problems as you can see the bigger picture and the minute details.
  • Use to stabilize your emotions and be more receptive to love.
  • Place on the throat chakra or 3rd eye to help those chakras; use to attune to your higher self.
  • Use to connect with the angels of truth and wisdom.
  • Physically is great for overall good health, and can also help digestion and overcome anorexia; restore the sense of taste, stimulate the Metabolism.