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Azurite Crystal

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azurite stone

Azurite from Namibia, Africa. Contains Malachite. Polished but still maintains a natural look.

Stone 4, pictures 4-5, weight 34 gm, length - 4 cm, width - 3 cm, depth - 1.2 cm
stone 11, pictures 1-2, weight 51 gm, length - 4.7 cm, width - 3.5 cm, depth - 1.3-1.1 cm

Benefits of Azurite :

  • Mind Expansion: Experience a broadening of the mind and the release of communication barriers.
  • Stress Relief: Clear away stress, worry, grief, and sadness for a renewed sense of calm.
  • Self-Discovery: Use it to gain insights into fears, phobias, and understand the root of your emotions.
  • Communication Balance: Whether overcoming nervousness or expressing yourself, find the perfect balance in communication.
  • Physical Healing: Physically known for its positive effects on throat problems, arthritis, joint issues, kidney, gallbladder, and liver concerns.
  • Mental Health Support: Especially beneficial for mental health, aiding in the healing process of the mind.
  • Third Eye Activation: Cleanse and stimulate the third eye, guiding you through psychic and intuitive journeys.
  • Soul Enlightenment: Facilitate your soul's journey towards enlightenment.
  • Meditation Aid: Easily enter into a meditative or channelling state of mind with enhanced focus.