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Aura Amethyst Cluster, Natural Crystal

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Aura Amethyst Crystal Cluster from Brazil. Aura amethyst is created when amethyst is bonded with gold and iridium to create this wonderful 'rainbow' effect on the crystals. When moved in the light the crystals show their fabulous bright colours created by this process. It has the properties of Amethyst but also additional properties as listed below. This piece is very sparkly, the points on it are small and compact so seeing any 'rainbow effects' on the crystals themselves is difficult, but if you want a really sparkling piece and not too bothered if you see the rainbow effects then this is the crystal for you. Base is slightly curved but it will sit on an even surface,

length - 9cm, width - 6 cm at widest, stands tall at - 3.5 cm at tallest point, weight - 131 gm

Benefits of Aura Amethyst:

  • Embodying peace and divine essence.
  • Heightened healing effects compared to traditional amethyst.
  • Strengthens the Third Eye.
  • Boosts intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Helps dissolve energy blockages in the aura and chakras.
  • Infuses the aura with rejuvenating and fortifying rainbow hues.

You will receive the crystal as shown in the photos. Please double check measurements and make sure to view all photos and video (if provided).