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Elysian Crystals UK

Angel Aura Quartz Tumble Stones

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Angel Aura Quartz also known as Opal Aura or Unicorn Aura Quartz has a fabulous Rainbow look to its surface which has been created by permanently bonding Silver and Platinum to Quartz.

Various sizes available so you choose the weight of the tumble stone you want.

How Angel Aura Quartz can help you:

  • Uplifts your moods to bring a sense of joy and happiness
  • Clears your mind of unwanted distractions
  • Helps you to feel love, empathy, nurturing, peace and harmony
  • Brings you a sense of inner peace and calmness to your overall wellbeing
  • Raises your level of consciousness to reach the Angelic realms and to communicate with them and our guides
  • Helps you gain access to the Akashic records
  • Help you to remember past lives and incarnations
  • opens your crown chakra, clears your energy centres
  • protects your energy field (aura), but also cleanses, soothes and heals it
  • It is said to help with stress-related illnesses